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Recording Studio and Sound for Film
Artist list
Here is a list of some of the projects that have been recorded and/or mixed at this studio. Some of the projects have examples you can watch/listen.
Project Name Genre/Project Type
ListenersShort Sci-Fi Film Sound Design/ADR
Ben 10Promotional Spot VO
Term Limits Watch ClipShort sci-fi film sound design
Lisa Davis Voice-over demo
Flesh Eaters Watch Clip Short horror/comedy film sound design
To the Shore Short film sound editing
Love by the Books Short film sound editing
Kick Back Hip-hop Vocal
Santa Always Checks Twice Watch Short Film sound design/editing and 5.1 mix
It's Your Ship Audiobook
Joe HufnagelFolk
Westerly Whales Folk Rock
Passenger X Short Film sound design/editing
Anatomy and Physiology iPhone app
"The Fall" Commercial video and audio edit
"The Bachelor" Short Film video and audio edit
"Routine" Short Film video and audio edit
Trois Flutes Listen Classical recording
Error 4 Electronic
Soft Teeth Listen Indie Rock
The Newlywed IntercoastalListen Indie Rock
Brian Terhaar Listen Folk
Hat-trick Hero Indie Rock
Rachel Bass Listen Solo acoustic
Just Passed (4 recordings) Punk
One Can Only Hope Punk/Hardcore
Fredonia VoiceMale Listen Acappella Vocal
Uisce Celtic Rock
-Jack 01/27/2016
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